A Modern Bodhisattva Vow

Beings are numberless, so let’s make sure everyone counts. Delusions are inexhaustible, so let’s be emission-free. Opportunities to help are boundless, so let’s get rich together. Accelerating an object to the speed of light would require infinite energy, so i hope this brightens your day.

How to (Actually) Follow the Golden Rule

“Treat other people the way you’d like to be treated.”  It sounds simple, right? How hard could it be? And yet most of us who say we believe this rule fail to abide by it. I know I do. Why? Most people would say something like, “because we are human, and no one is perfect.” […]

Popular Culture as Distributed Lookup Table

“It’s hard for me to understand what Americans are talking about because they are always referring to TV shows or movies.” I’ve heard this same thing, both from my wife –  who did not grow up in America, as well as from coworkers who emigrated. There’s an episode of Malcolm in the Middle, where Malcolm’s […]