A wish you for you today.

May you find each possible joy in your day, and savor it fully, as the gift that it is. Instead of the weeds in the sidewalk, may you perceive examples of resilience in the face of adversity. May you have patience with yourself. After all, you are only human – or machine, or animal, or […]

Mindfulness as Stack Frame Exploration

I wanted to tell you about some experiences I’ve had lately in meditation. Of course, I’m going to interpret these experiences in computer science terms – specifically, I’ll use predictive processing to talk about ‘ego’ and ‘no self.’ I’ve been using Sam Harriss’s excellent ‘Awake’ meditation app for the past several months.  I’ve had an […]

Profound Gratitude for Grocery Stores

The other day I was in the bread aisle of a grocery store. For half a second my mind was just in amazement that such a thing could exist at all. In all of human history, in the history of all animals who have ever lived, to have so many calories available for me, without […]

Scoring My April Predictions

In order to help reduce my anxiety levels and stay sane, I made multiple predictions about the COVID situation, and the economy in general, in early April. I then avoided all news or social media for the rest of April month. Last night, my information quarantine period ended, and I scored the predictions. Instead of […]