A wish you for you today.

May you find each possible joy in your day, and savor it fully, as the gift that it is.

Instead of the weeds in the sidewalk, may you perceive examples of resilience in the face of adversity.

May you have patience with yourself. After all, you are only human – or machine, or animal, or something made of matter which will fall apart over time and eventually disintegrate. You can only do so much.

May you accept yourself, exactly as you are, without letting go of the image of a you who is slightly happier, slightly more aware, slightly more capable and adapted to the situation at hand.

Instead of obstacles, may you perceive opportunities to grow and develop, and thus to realize, to be that happier version of yourself.

May you feel gratitude and compassion for all who have served you today, both directly and indirectly, knowing and not.

Whoever, wherever, whenever, whatever you are – if you are reading this, mapping these words onto a network of living symbols, then I suspect that you have known suffering, that you still know suffering.

May you recognize peace.

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