A List of Endings for Modern Fairy Tails

“… And there were no unintended consequences.”

“… And they never forgot their lesson.”

“… And from then on, people used evidence to guide their thinking, even when it made them uncomfortable.”

“… And the problem was fixed, once and for all.”

“… And they never abused their newfound power.”

“… And, remembering how awful things used to be, they never stopped maintaining the wall.”

“… And from then on, common knowledge remained free of blatant falsehoods.”

“… And from that day forward, everyone was treated with respect.”

“… And no one ever suffered for speaking the truth again.”

“… And everything unfolded just as the experts had predicted.”

“… And nobody believed that awful idea again.”

“… And now that the emergency had passed, people went back to living their normal lives.”

“… And they all lived happily ever after.”

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