May I be Incremental Evidence of Your Love

==== begin statement of faith ====

I trust in you
I have faith in you
I submit to your will in all things

I ask that you give me the wisdom to hear you, instead of myself
I ask that you remind me of your presence, give me the patience to hear you, and the strength to obey

May every beat of my heart move the state of the world in alignment with your will
May every breath that passes through my body transmute the state of the electromagnetic field in congruence with the light of your infinite love and wisdom

May you guide me to live as an example of your love, an example of your service, an example of striving to do Good

work is force acting along a distance; may you guide my heart to do the work of moving the world in a more loving, compassionate, caring direction

May you strike me down the moment i turn away from your image and example
May i remember, at all times, that your will is for me to struggle, not for myself, but to be in your service

May i remember that a smile is the capstone of correct posture, that the weight of my head rests bests atop an erect spine, and that every challenge you have placed before me has been placed by you, precisely, in accordance with your perfectly calibrated knowledge of my own limits.

May i recall at all times that your will is not for me to have peace, but for me to struggle well, and that peace arises temporarily, as a side effect from having matched my effort to your load, at which point you will increase the load you place upon me, because that is your will, to which i happily, humbly, and gratefully submit.

When my children want me and my parents need me and work is challenging, and i miss my wife and my friends and time for me to do as i please, may i be ever grateful that these are the challenges you have given me, because these are among the luckiest kind of challenges a man can face.

May i recall that you have ingeniously constructed the laws of physics as the perfect training environment, to produce minds aligned with good, at higher fidelity, greater precision, and volume ever more intense, to partake in and contribute to the everlasting glory that is life.

====== end statement of faith =====

and if i can live this way, delusional thought that may be, i shall maximize the probability of contributing in a positive way towards the enrichment of my offspring and their descendants

and in so doing, i shall act in alignment with the will and virtues of the most valiant and giving of my ancestors

and in so doing, I shall be a helpful node in the tree of all life, and through me shall flow the accumulated wisdom and efforts of our ancestors, to the nourishment of our descendants

and in so doing, you shall cause me to provide additional evidence, to observers in any frame of reference,  that this way of living is not as delusional as it may seem.

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