The Epistemic Rent is Too Damn Low!

We say all beliefs must pay rent. And i say, the rent is too damn low! Anything that makes you feel good reduces your anticipation that you might feel bad – even absurd beliefs detached from reality pay rent by making you feel good. If I believe the spaghetti god will make me feel better […]

Making Moral Realism Pay Rent

We construct ‘value maps‘ of the world using our brains. If predictive processing is true, we effectively live inside these value maps, since we live inside the worlds our brains construct for us based upon our beliefs. A question arises: is there any real territory to which these maps point? Moral realism says ‘yes’. Moral […]

The End of Coastal Limits to Inflation

I spent then years working in Silicon Valley, and recently returned to my ancestral homeland of Ohio. Many people are following similar trends, and this is common knowledge. I think there’s an untold story around “The Great Migration” and inflation. My view is that inflation has been happening for years, but it was mostly constrained […]