Empiricism is Silly as an Epistemic Basis

If you’re going to take the idea of ‘truth’ seriously, you need to have a belief about what can, and cannot, be true.  You might call this a ‘filter on the truth.’   The most popular filter on the truth today, among my peers, is empiricism.  This ‘filter on  the truth’, says “only things which can […]

Block 3400000

Humanity has recently completed its Dyson sphere around the sun, bringing us to Kardashev level 2. A full 8% of the sun’s output is used to mine bitcoin. On January 12, 2073, around 8:30 in the morning UTC time, Satoshi Nakamoto’s coins, long since dormant, are suddenly dispersed to millions of seemingly random addresses. Each […]

High Resolution Empathy (Part 1)

One Saturday morning, I brushed my teeth while watching my then-four-year-old daughter write her first computer code.   I stood with a toothbrush in my mouth, watching Allie carefully select tiles. A green arrow means “go straight”, a blue arrow means “turn right”, and a tile with colorful fireworks, means, “do a dance.”  I worked […]

Logfile From A Meditation Session

I am laying in a hammock, with my eyes closed. I am swinging gently. I cannot tell if I am feeling weightless, or if I’m feeling the absence of the weight that I normally feel. I accept this feeling, or the absence thereof. I accept the curiosity which wants to know the difference.  I feel […]

Distributed Consensus Algorithms in the Animal Kingdom

Distributed systems and packs of animals both need to solve a common problem: who should be in charge? Who should resolve disputes? When there’s a disagreement over the way to proceed, whose lead should we follow?  The animals need a leader to coordinate pack hunts and make decisions as to where the pack should go. […]

P ⊂ NP causes Political Polarization

Some time last spring, I reached a conclusion. I was drinking my morning coffee, and the thought appeared in my mind. It was as clear as the first drop of milk into the otherwise black mug: perhaps many people aren’t capable of holding beliefs that differ wildly from those of their peers.  It seemed entirely […]